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Charli XCX Shares How She Collaborated With BTS For “Dream Glow”

On Thursday, June 6, pop singer Charli XCX announced on Instagram that she would be releasing a collaboration that would “end the world.” Fans didn’t have any info about the collab, like the title or who she was collaborating with, so when she finally shared her new song, it took fans by surprise once they discovered that her song was with BTS. Their collaboration, titled “Dream Glow,” features Charli XCX singing along with three members of BTS: Jin, Jungkook, and Jimin, who are all part of the group’s vocal line.

The song is part of the soundtrack for BTS’ upcoming mobile game, BTS World, which will release worldwide on June 26. As CelebMix previously reported, “Dream Glow” is a song about chasing one’s dreams. The lyrics talk about enduring adversities and overcoming one’s personal insecurities to finally realize their full potential. As the BTS ARMY knows, ever since BTS debuted as a group in 2013, they have been releasing songs with important messages attached to them, such as overcoming obstacles to reach one’s goals – a message personal to the BTS members, since they have gradually grown their way up to international success. Seeing BTS achieve their goals has inspired their fans to do the same and chase their own dreams, whatever they may be. The track is a perfect addition for the BTS World soundtrack, especially since the game will involve fans playing the role of BTS’ managers in order to help the group achieve global success.

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While fans have come to appreciate the song’s uplifting message about self-empowerment, Charli XCX revealed that at first, the song wasn’t about dreams at all. In fact, the pop singer created the song a few years ago as a potential track for one of her albums. Back then, “Dream Glow” was just called “Glow” and it was actually about falling in love.

In a Twitter post, she explained, “The song was originally about falling in love with someone in the club coz they had that ‘glow’ about them.”

Charli XCX added that when she met BTS, they talked about collaborating together one day, so when an opportunity finally opened up, she sent the song to BTS. The group liked the song, but decided to change the lyrics to reflect the message they wanted to share with fans. She said, “I don’t usually write songs like that so it was cool for me to be involved with this new kind of emotion.”

Take a look at her post below.

We are so happy with how the song turned out and think that it offers a perfect combination of both Charli XCX and BTS’ artistries. We can’t wait until June 26 so we can hear the song in BTS World! More songs from the game’s soundtrack will be released soon. Until the game drops, watch the teaser for BTS World below.

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