Charlie Harris Drops His Debut Single “MoonBounce”

We have an exciting new artist for you to discover; his name is Charlie Harris and he has been working on perfecting his sound over the last couple of years. Today marks the release of his debut single, titled “MoonBounce”.

Charlie Harris is from North Carolina but now is based in Brooklyn and he has left behind a career in the space industry to focus on his music. For the past four years he has been advocating for space exploration in Washington D.C. so it comes as no surprise that his debut single contains hints of his previous career and he certainly has drawn inspiration from his past. We’re excited to see where his music career takes him, because this is an exceptional first single.

This debut track has been written and produced by Charlie Harris himself. It’s clear he has musical talent in every way and the song is a powerful electro-pop song that has grit and emotion in his vocals. He’s clearly passionate about the track and you can definitely hear it in his voice as he sings every word.

As for the sound itself, it’s got this futuristic space vibe throughout. It’s clearly technically brilliant, easily showcasing his ability in producing a track. It’s jam-packed with galactic sounds and samples that certainly take the listener on a journey through space and time and we are living for it.

“MoonBounce” is available to download and stream right now. We can’t wait to hear more new music from this talented artist.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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