Chloe Khan has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House!

Former X Factor contestant Chloe Khan has become the latest celebrity housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House in tonight’s show.

After Bear and James received the most votes from the public, Chloe and Marnie’s fate was decided completely by chance, although their fellow housemates had a part to play.

Housemates were gathered in the garden where Emma Willis was waiting to explain how the next evictee would be decided.

Each housemate stood behind a podium (except Chloe and Marnie) where boards with the unlucky twos faces were waiting.

Emma then instructed the housemates that they must choose to evict either Chloe or Marnie and place their pictures on the wheel in front of them. A total of nine housemates picked Chloe where as only one picked Marnie.

As James received the most votes he was given the privilege of spinning the wheel. As the wheel came to a stop it was clear that Chloe would be evicted.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow night from 9pm where the fallout of Chloe’s eviction will be screened.

Written by CelebMix