Chris Evans In His Directional Debut ‘Before We Go’

All of us know who Chris Evans is, right? And no, I’m not making a reference to the British man who talks in the BBC Radio 2 at the Breakfast Show, this is about the charming and good-looking Captain America. Yes, the 34 year old man who debuted with a bunch of films but he’s well-known for his best role bringing to live a Marvel’s superhero.

Although the Cap has a busy job trying to save the world along with his dudes the Avengers, Chris Evans wanted to have a new experience in his career at the Hollywood world directing and starring a film called ‘Before We Go’ first named as ‘1:30 Train’.

The love story happens in New York City and the main characters (Chris Evans as a Nick Vaughan and his co-star Alice Eve as Brooke Dalton) have a romantic conversation where they fall in love in a deep way. Both talk about themselves having simple conversations but choosing the right questions and knowing the correct answers the strangers will understand each other perfectly. Everything starts when Brooke Dalton has been robbed before she gets the train which takes her back to Boston and an attractive musician, Nick Vaughan who’s lost in his own life, offers to give her a hand.

It’s important to point out the film shows how they meet in just one night.

Furthermore Chris Evans’ little brother, Scott, has a little play into the movie too. So if a Evans brother wasn’t enough we have got two Evans in the big screen!

The film had a world premier at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2014 and due to the fact of the great success and its demand they will finally release it this 4th of September in United States.

Evans explained he’s not quitting acting, he loves it, as he literally said once ‘Acting was my first love’ but he wants to have new experiences and work around the directing field. He told in an interview he thinks a few movies he did he personally expected more when the final result came out. He thought maybe if he could’ve directed those they could’ve had better results.

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to see the Cap with that fancy costume off?

Written by CelebMix