Christina Aguilera’s Singing Masterclass First Impressions

In February, Christina Aguilera announced to her adoring fans that she was running an online singing Masterclass. Today we got access to it and we’re here to give our first impressions!

When Christina Aguilera made the announcement about her vocal Masterclass, we were so excited that we just had to pre-enrol!  We checked the countdown page earlier this week to see how many days we had to wait for class to start and it said 5 days. The following day, we received an email to tell us that the early access class was ready because we pre-enrolled, how exciting is that?! features different online classes run by various celebrities showcasing their talent to fans, such as Kevin Spacey who teaches acting and Usher who is on the website teaching “The Art of Performance”. We think this is a great, accessible way for fans all over the world to “meet” their idols and learn from them. The classes cost $90 each (which is roughly £60) and are filled with videos for your learning experience.

Initially, when we signed up we did a voice test at the bottom of Christina’s class enrolment page to see just how good (or bad) we were with our vocal range. We don’t think we did too badly and we discovered that we’re mainly in Christina’s vocal range but not at all as diverse!

Christina Aguilera's Singing Masterclass First Impressions 2

A Facebook page which is run by Masterclass has been set up specifically for the students in Christina’s class so students can get to know their “classmates” and make friends at their new school. We must confess, it’s like being in a virtual version of the musical Fame. 

So, first impressions?

When we first logged into the class we were shown a very fancy and professional looking lesson plan which included every single lesson, all 23 of them, as well as a brief description of what to expect from the class, a discussion section to talk with classmates, a lesson video featuring Miss Aguilera herself and a PDF download to help us follow along with the lesson. The lesson plan includes case studies and assignments to help students progress in class and we got a kick out of seeing that the case studies are Christina Aguilera songs from her albums!

We downloaded the Class Workbook in a hurry and it features tips on note taking during the classes, inspiring quotes related to learning from vocal Queen Xtina herself and even includes a 6-week lesson plan to follow (ok, now it’s really like we’re in Fame!)

In the handbook for lesson one – our introduction to singing, Christina asked us to outline our goals and plans. So here are our goals and plan for 1 Month in, 3 Months in and 1 Year in.

Christina Aguilera's Singing Masterclass First Impressions 3

We don’t want to give too much away, but her class is incredible and you really should enrol. Christina doesn’t just teach about singing – she teaches confidence, owning difficult moments, making mistakes and following your dreams which are simply inspiring messages and something we definitely needed to hear. Christina reflects on her own journey as a singing icon and talks about her personal experiences and not just the good ones. Christina talks about her mistakes and recovery from them too! Christina pushes the boundaries of teaching beyond singing – she teaches about self-expression in Class 21 and we are super excited to get to that class.

We can’t wait to keep you updated on how we feel about the class when we get stuck into it and we’re ready to make friends with some new classmates. We wouldn’t mind becoming a favourite student to our teacher, either!

Have you ever wanted to have Christina as a vocal coach? Are you one of our classmates? Let us know in the comments below or by Tweeting us @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix