Cmagic5 Drops The Empowering, Genre-Bending Album “Ready To Run”

Toronto’s teen-queen is gracing us with a new album titled Ready To Run. With a spicy mix of genre influences ranging from R&B and classical, to rock and reggaeton, Ready To Run merges them all into a 2021 pop sound ready for you to indulge in. The album is about all things self-worth and motivation, drawing on her colorful imagination and real-life experiences, this is a relatable collection of singles. You can feel comfort and boogie away with these tracks at the same time and you can certainly rely on Cmagic5 to awaken your confidence and dance moves.

Ready To Run is composed of stunning classically trained vocals from Cmagic5, intertwined with catchy melodies and emotionally charged range. Each track is an utter surprise, some influenced by certain genres more, including tropical R&B beats, stunning strings and keys that embody classical and pop. This really is the mouth-watering sweet shop of musical pick ‘n’ mix and it’s hard to choose your favorite without getting too over-excited.

“Outta My Head” is a track that talks of just not being able to shift that person out of your mind. We all have had that one love who lived in our heads absolutely rent free and this track will give you the confidence to at least kick them out your mind. Cmagic5 takes on classic influences heavily in this single, from the committed and passionate strings and stunning, sombre tone, over pop-classical piano, the track is rich in shimmering riffs and heart-tugging chords. “Want you in, want you out, want you outta’ my head,” the singer goes back and forth, mustering up the courage to speak her mind.

The album is a true masterpiece of genre-blending – it’s the fruit smoothies of albums, with a terrific and palatable blend of genre influences dripping in pop. After her releases building up Ready To Run, it’s a joy to listen to them together. We look forward to what more Cmagic5 has in store for us, but for now, learn a little self-love from Cmagic5 and listen to Ready To Run now!

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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