Relley C wearing a black cat suit, lying on her stomach on a pink bed, posing at the camera with her hand under her chin with her long black hair flowing down past her shoulders.
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Relley C Drops Incredibly Empowering First 2021 Single Titled “PLT”

We’ve been waiting for Relley C to drop her first single of this year, and she has impressed to no end with this track, “PLT”, making it so worth the wait. The title means “Pretty Little Trailblazer” and is a total female empowerment song that we all need to get behind. This single follows up her awesome 2020 single “Used To” and the brilliant music video for “Liar Liar“.

Relley C is a rising singer-songwriter who is best known for being a contestant on The X Factor. She competed in series 10 and series 13, in the former she made it to Judges’ Houses before being sent home; but, in the latter, she made it to the live shows and came tenth overall. She has since gone on to release five singles, her debut being “Unruly”, her sophomore single being “Tell Me That“, 2019’s “Complicated”, and 2020’s “Long Distance” & “Used To”, as well as her debut EP Square One and her sophomore EP, We’ve All Been There.

Talking about the track, Relley C says: “It’s all about women having the confidence to embrace their true selves regardless of how different they are to society’s expectations. The media can sometimes portray unrealistic examples of what shape, size, look etc a woman should have. This type of pressure can sometimes lead to feeling unaccepted, lack of confidence and self-worth, feeling like you’re not good enough and sometimes worse. But the truth is… perfect is BORING! And being a unique, talented, bossy individual who knows her own body and her own weird and wonderful mind is something that should be recognised and celebrated!

She went on to say: “My new track ‘PLT’ is a salute to all females who work hard and look good doing it! Whether you’ve made the big time or you’re still on the journey, perhaps you’re out here grinding and working a 9 to 5 to make that money stack – either way, this is for you! The song is dedicated to those trendsetting, trailblazing ladies that have the power to inspire others, embody their authenticity and unapologetically OWN their originality!

Stream Relley C’s New Single “PLT” Here:

Full of positive vibes throughout, Relley C impresses lyrically and rhythmically with “PLT”. This is definitely one of her best tracks to date, giving us her unstoppable R&B vocals fuelled melodically through an upbeat catchy track that will have you calling yourself a Pretty Little Trailblazer. Lyrically, Relley C brings empowerment to every listener, uplifting them and making us all believe that we can achieve what we want. If there’s one song you need to hear this year, it’s this one – we’ll be listening to it on repeat all this week.

“PLT” is available to download and stream right now. Keep up with Relley C on Twitter and Instagram.

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