Cold War Kids Headline the Wholly Guacamole Festival

On Saturday September 17th the Live Wholly Festival took place in Salt Lake City, Utah with Cold War Kids headlining the event.  Cold War Kids originate from Long Beach, California and have taken the indie rock scene by storm, now preparing to record their sixth album they’ve not only made a name for themselves, they’ve kept it.

The Live Wholly Festival and Tour is sponsored by Wholly Guacamole with a theme to teach others to live well and bring ‘guacamole induced smiles’ to a town near you.  The tour began in June and will wrap up in October and traveled across the US, they brought with them fresh foods and interactive events for those who came out to enjoy the dates in their city.

From Robbers & Cowards to Holy My Home, the Cold War Kids put on quite a performance during the festival in Salt Lake and having seen them perform live ourselves, we can advise you that the next time they’re in a city near you – you have to be there.

While they’re working on their sixth album the band is also on tour right now with their remaining dates mainly on the east coast, so the opportunity for you to see them is there if your location is right!

You can find out more about Wholly Guacamole and Cold War Kids by visiting their websites and following them both on their Twitter accounts – Wholly Guacamole and Cold War Kids.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.