Conan Gray Releases “The Other Side”

Conan Gray is a fresh upcoming pop star who gained his following through YouTube, where he uploads covers, lifestyle vlogs, and more. Aside from his vibrant vintage aesthetic and unique fashion sense, his soothing, soft vocals and lyrical talents are what stands out the most to his dedicated fanbase.

“The Other Side” was originally uploaded onto his YouTube channel on August 22, 2016, when he began his senior year of high school. From using this song as an outro for his previous videos, to rerecording and releasing it as his latest single on February 8, 2019, it is clear that this song holds much importance to him.

Conan writes about his life in the town that he grew up in, and the people that he met along the way. This song is his promise to cherish those moments and carry those memories with him for the rest of his life. Although his time to live life as a fun, carefree teenager is coming to an end, he hopes that everyone he has met will continue to live a fun and fulfilling life as they all go their separate ways.

“The Other Side” is an absolute breath of fresh air and a familiar daydream of nostalgia. Lyrically, he expresses how fast life passes by, which is accompanied by the slow rhythm of an acoustic guitar. These elements, combined with a flair of pop, reveals the innocence still lingering within the artist, his fear of the unknown in the future, but also his hopefulness that everything will turn out alright – the epitome of the mind of a teenager.

Conan will be kicking off his North American tour on March 10, 2019! Be sure to check out his new EP Sunset Season and grab some tickets to a show near you!

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Written by Sydney Rae