Concert Review: Nina Nesbitt Le Poisson Rouge – New York

Le Poisson Rouge filled with fans of all ages for Scottish singer/songwriter, Nina Nesbitt, who instantly capped the New York City venue.

Nesbitt’s opening acts included 19-year-old Sophie Rose, who used to write for other artists then began penning songs for herself, and British singer-songwriter Plested, who’s written songs for Little Mix, Zayn Malik, and James Morrison. Together, they amped up the audience before Nina Nesbitt’s arrival.

Sophie Rose confided in fans on what her songs meant and what inspired them. She ran through short monologues before singing her popular singles “Best Friend,” “Famous,” “Two Young Lovers,” among many others. “Famous,” being about having people try to come back in her life after she gained fame, received many accolades in the crowd for its catchy tune and truthful lyrics.

Plested periodically engaged with fans, who were fascinated by his British accent. He sang “Ribcage,” “Your Name,” “Worthy of You,” and many others that got fans searching for their phones to add his music on their Spotify accounts.

Playing in this intimate setting of Le Poisson Rouge, Nina Nesbitt seemed plenty comfortable as she talked to the audience and danced her way from one side of the stage to the other. There were many small reminders of her tour poster artwork with flowers, vines, and color changing backgrounds surrounding the stage. In an impressive manner, Nesbitt simultaneously flipped from the piano to the guitar while keeping the beat all at the same time.

As she continued going through the setlist inspired by her recently released album The Sun Will Come Up, the Seasons Will Change and her much older songs, she took a moment to explain what the songs were about. “Empire” was written to inspire fans to believe in themselves and not being afraid to go for their dreams. “Colder” explains her first heartbreak and feeling a bit colder after that. Nesbitt’s music brought fans together for this show with her relatable lyrics and sincerity at meet-and-greets.

The album is purely driven by the beauty of disenchantment, which is perfectly seen from one song to the next. “The Moments I’m Missing” and “The Best You Had,” which have gained over 10 million streams on Spotify, quickly remind us that she’s only human and has dealt with tons of heartbreak that we can relate to. Her music has been a reminder that we must keep going and take it all as a lesson.

“You know when you go through a breakup, and you’re constantly checking his Instagram, then you look at his tagged photos and see some other girl…” Nesbitt said while introducing “The Best You Ever Had.” “She better not be hotter than me. Oh wait, she’s pretty and probably smart.” Yep, we’ve all done it.

At only 24, the best is yet to come. Her new album is enchanting fans from all over the world who can’t wait for the next time she visits their home towns. It was this kind of easy-going interaction, her graceful voice, and stunning stage presence that show Nina Nesbitt is a true artist.

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Written by Evelin Mercedes

Evelin Mercedes is an entrepreneur with an interest in writing about music. Founder of Music Trails. Instagram: @evelinm_