Concert Review: The Tide in Nottingham

Fans started queuing as early as midday outside the small arena that is the Rescue Rooms as they waited for The Tide. Many fans could also be seen waiting outside Pizza Hut – a two-minute walk from the arena, as that was where the band enjoyed their meal (the tour was sponsored by Pizza Hut). Then it was a rush into the van as they set off towards the venue so they could soundcheck for the night.

As the time wore on the queue grew longer and longer, the previously heavy rain eventually letting up as fans made friends as they waited.

When VIP ticket holders were let in at 6pm the excitement grew even more and the realisation that soon the doors would be opening and The Tide would be on stage in less than two hours began to sink in.

Inside the arena, the room was buzzing with an excited atmosphere as they chatted about what would happen tonight.

Soon The Scheme took to the stage, with members from Liverpool, Spain, Orlando, and Italy. They were latecomers to the tour – joining only for a few dates. The band performed three original songs and a cover of The Weeknd’s ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’.

Second to take to the stage was Josh Taylor, who sang all original songs. However, the crowd seemed to have no trouble with the lyrics. On tour, he would normally sing three songs but decided to play an extra one as it was the last day of the tour. During his last song, he was joined on stage by The Scheme, New Hope Club, and The Tide. Josh tried best to get through the song without being distracted by the boys who had joined him on stage.

Last support act to take to the stage were The Vamps’ new signing New Hope Club. The boys came on stage to the Star Wars theme tune, guitarist George Smith finding this extra entertaining as he is a massive fan of the franchise. The band immediately kicked off into one of their most popular covers: ‘Cake By The Ocean’ by DNCE, which they uploaded to their YouTube channel back in April. Then they performed one of their own and new songs – ‘Make Up’ which they revealed they wrote with Brad Simpson from The Vamps. Following a The Vamps theme they covered their ‘Somebody To You’. Other members Reece Bibby and Blake Richardson, smiling to each other throughout their set, obviously expected some kind of prank. During another original song ‘Perfume’ they were joined on stage by The Scheme, Josh Taylor and The Tide. From then it became clear that tonight was going to be the night for tour pranks – we secretly hoped The Tide and New Hope Club had picked up tips from when they toured with The Vamps back in Spring.

As soon as New Hope Club left the stage the excited chatter picked up again – everyone seemingly more excited than before, but we all knew why. The Tide would be next on that stage!

Between acts there was a great playlist to keep the crowd entertained – playing songs from Fall Out Boy, twenty one pilots and My Chemical Romance.

Then the lights dimmed and the screams started. The Tide ran out on stage and launched into singing ‘What You Give’ – a song released only in Australia and the Phillipinnes, but somehow the fans knew every word.

The Tide then took us back to the first time they supported The Vamps last year, singing ‘Rest Of Us’ and ‘Falling In Love Tonight’. During one of these songs bass player Levi Jones had his mouth taped up so he couldn’t sing. The Tide then played their most recent single and name of the tour ‘Click My Fingers’.

After ‘Click My Fingers’ they decided to play some new songs that they had recently been working on. These were called ‘Naked’, ‘Problems’ and ‘Trouble’. ‘Naked’ and ‘Trouble’ are pretty self-explanatory and we very much look forward to hearing the studio versions. During ‘Problems’ drummer Nate Parker left the stage and guitarist Drew Dirksen joined the crowd leaving lead singer Austin Corini and Levi Jones on stage on their own. Austin gave a very emotional speech about how everyone had their problems, even the band members themselves and we wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few tears. During the song New Hope Club ran through the crowd screaming and waving their flashlights before jumping up on stage.

Once the whole band were back on stage and New Hope Club had left the band played songs that many fans would recognise from when they supported The Vamps earlier this year. As the band played you could tell they didn’t want it to end. Drew even tried delaying time by telling a story of how they all went out drinking with All Time Low and Nate was so drunk that he wet himself and Drew jumped on top of him.

Unfortunately, the show had to end and the band ended it with their first single ‘Young Love’.

Everyone left the venue with mixed emotions, happy because they just had an amazing time with an amazing atmosphere but sad because it was the last day of tour, and they didn’t know when they were going to see The Tide again.

We hope the lads take a well-deserved break as they certainly need one after putting on such a great tour but we hope they don’t leave it too long as we miss them already!

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Listen to The Tide’s latest single ‘Click My Fingers’ here!


Written by CelebMix