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Concert Review: Vance Joy in London, UK

Vance Joy, Australian singer-songwriter, is the very same artist who wrote number one hit, “Riptide.” With multiple awards and nominations under his belt, it’s not a surprise that his headlining gig at Ally Pally in London, UK wasn’t short of spectacular.

Opening with “Call If You Need Me,” the first strum of his guitar had the audience captivated, with all eyes in the room on him as Joy’s voice filled the large venue, capable of encompassing ten thousand.

Embarking on his third tour, the first of which being a world tour, he released his second studio album Nation of Two earlier this year.

Although Joy is known for his light and airy acoustic sounds, the sound of the accompaniment was evident, adding another layer of texture to his sound, and contributing to the dynamic of his show.

After the first few songs, Joy spoke about his album and the next few songs, the audience quiet, taking in every word both spoken and sung.

Joy’s stage presence was very prominent, able to commandeer the crowd in order to get them to sing with him, yet also able to be heard above the chorus of the thousands that he was performing to. He left the audience in a good mood, and still swaying from the end of a well spent night.

Images by Kirsty Russell

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Written by Kirsty Russell

I am a photographer based in London and I specialise in live concert photography!