Cooper Phillip encourages feelings of self-worth in “Not Perfect”

Cooper Phillip delivers another pop banger with “Not Perfect”, in which the singer/songwriter reminds us to embrace our flaws, have fun trying new things, and to ignore the naysayers that try to rob us of our confidence. When you love your imperfect self, you inspire others to do the same.

In the accompanying visuals for “Not Perfect,” Cooper encourages others to have a healthy inner monologue, ignore unsolicited judgement, and to continue to try new things even if we aren’t perfect at them. When she plays the character of an art student who is harshly criticized by her uptight art instructor, Cooper doesn’t let the instructor’s opinion of her work get to her head- instead, Cooper ignores the negative feedback, continues to try new things, and ends up inspiring the rest of the class (and the instructor) to loosen up and have fun in the process. By opening yourself up to new experiences, and most importantly, letting go and enjoying yourself, you create an atmosphere rich in curiosity, growth, and confidence.

As a music artist, Cooper definitely knows how far confidence will get you. After moving from her home in Russia to NYC at barely 17 years old, the singer/songwriter started her musical career penniless, homeless, and performing at small gigs around the city. Now the singer, currently residing in LA, has over 10 million fans after several years of hard work and determination. Her songs exude messages of hope, empowerment, and vitality, and she often recites important stories from her past.

“Not Perfect” delivers a powerful message embedded with stunning vocals and a catchy feel-good chorus, intertwined with confident, flirtatious pop music production. The singer’s vocals soar, but leave room for an energetic, joyful tempo in a typical nu-disco flair.

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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