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PREMIERE | Cooper Phillip Drops Dazzling Music Video for ‘Thank You Heartbreak’

Los Angeles-based soul-pop diva Cooper Phillip premieres the music video for “Thank You Heartbreak” on CelebMix.

“Thank You Heartbreak” is about being grateful for trials and tribulations, because like resistance builds muscle, hard times make you stronger.

Originally from a small town in Russia, Phillip grew up in a family of classical musicians. Her grandmother and aunt raised her because her mother, a violinist, was traveling the world playing with symphony orchestras. Exposed early on to Ella Fitzgerald, Phillip knew every nuance of Fitzgerald’s music. When she turned 12-years-old, Phillip began living with her mother, who enrolled her in the Moscow State Classical Academy to study piano, harp, ballet, voice, blues, and music theory.

At the academy, Phillip first heard Mariah Carey. “I would just listen to her for hours upon hours,” says Phillip.

Single-minded focus on a career in music led Phillip to move to NYC when she was 17-years-old, where she endured hard times but refused to be put off, sleeping in a storeroom and singing at weddings and clubs. A few years later, she landed a gig in L.A. Once in SoCal, she began putting together songs for her debut EP, Walk A Mile, followed by a series of successful singles, “Silence,” “Party By Myself,” and “Low Key.” With hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and millions of streams on Spotify, Phillip is on her way to superstardom.

“Thank You Heartbreak” opens on emerging colors flowing into a proximately delicious pop melody riding syncopated percussion, as Phillip’s silky voice glides sumptuously overhead, infusing the lyrics with tantalizing wisps of recollection. As the music swells on the chorus, exuding gleaming layers of sonic texture, Phillip’s tones infuse the tune with subtle, urgent flavors, glowing with coruscating timbres.

The video, directed by Alexey Figurov, opens with Phillip amid the mists of memory, recalling how tough times imbued her with grit, determination, confidence, and strength. Combined with the gorgeous music, the visuals form a potent instrument of expression.

“Thank You Heartbreak” is sublimely superb, full of vibrant cashmere surfaces, an infectious rhythm, and the exquisite voice of Cooper Phillip.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.