Countdown of the Best 5 Seconds of Summer Music Videos!

Due to the upcoming release of  Jet Black Heart (Wednesday 16 December) we at CelebMix began to reminisce over our favourite 5 Seconds of Summer music videos!

5. Don’t Stop

Every time you walk in the room you got all eyes on you.


What was once a song we came to know and love, now a direct insult. Don’t Stop makes it in at number 5! And when considering the music video, let’s be honest, the boys dressed up as super heroes? We all loved it!

4.Try Hard

I get dressed up when I go out but she gets dressed down

Bringing it all the way back to 2013 with Try Hard. This fan favourite was made more by the boys rather than a big crew and the faces those boys made on the roller coasters! Priceless. That is exactly why it is in the top 5.

3.She Looks So Perfect

She looks so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear


That song that everyone knows! But hey there’s nothing wrong with knowing that one song because it was everyones jam for a good amount of time. Not only that but we all know that when they do the jump  live we all lose it.

2. She’s Kinda Hot

She put me on meds, she won’t get out of my head

One of the more recent additions has hit number 2! This being the video that started the revolution, THE NEW BROKEN SCENE!

1.Hey Everybody!

He needs a dollar but he aint got enough

And here we are with number 1 being the most recent of the bunch! But who can blame us this music video made us hungry, gush over puppies and wish we were rich in the space of 2 minutes.


So, there we have it, there’s out top 5! But what’s yours? Let us know in the comments below or over @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix