A cover that will make you want to Rest Your Love on The Tide

The Tide are an American guitar band signed to The Vamps’ label, and are based in Los Angeles, California. The band were signed in early 2015 but in just 10 months the band have achieved a lot, by supporting The Vamps across the globe and gaining thousands of fans in the process. They will also be supporting The Vamps again on their ‘Wake Up’ World Tour, going to places like Australia, Tokyo, across the UK and Europe.

The band’s YouTube account mainly consists of covers with the odd original and vlog. Their most recent upload is a cover of The Vamps’ latest single ‘Rest Your Love’. In just over 3 hours the cover had an amazing 9,000+ views and that number is just continuing to go up.

You can see for yourself why the cover is getting so many hits by watching it here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZNYZ7yjw48]

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Written by CelebMix