Cristina Lizzul releases the music video for her song “Medea”

Two months ago, we got the chance to interview Cristina Lizzul. The singer told us that she was working on her single Medea from her EP Percipience. As promised, the singer/songwriter is back and the official video for Medea is finally out!

The song Medea, produced by Needful Records, is about revenge. In other words, a lover’s take on her/his beloved’s betrayal. The theme reflects the mythological tale of Medea, a sorceress who killed her husband Jason and their children after he betrayed her to marry Glauce.

As the video starts, Cristina recites the poem from Euripides Medea in an attempt to build a narrative. She succeeds in her attempt. As the song progresses, the lover tries to talk out of her relationship. She tries to move on but instead of crying over her beloved’s betrayal, she tells him what is he going to miss. She says,

“I hope you hate me, I hope you despise me. I would have made you, I would have been the reason you made it.”

In an interview, when we asked her how does she approach emotions in her songs, Cristina said,

“As humans, to go through pain is something we have to deal with every day whether it’s loss or whether it’s breakup. I am a very sensitive person so, for a person like me that takes things so harshly and to heart, I have to find something that could heal me. This is what Percipience, the EP was for me this year. Just seeing something come out of ashes, I have a tattoo for it.”

The music is slow but at the same time, stays in your head. Once the song finishes, you just want to play it again. The visuals are good and build up the story as the singer goes to different places contemplating on her lost lover and love.

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