Against the Current: “In Our Bones” Album Review!

From posting covers on YouTube to being signed to Fueled by Ramen, Against the Current has come far since 2011 – and they’re still getting started. Having toured in cities far from their hometown of Poughkeepsie, NY with artists such as All Time Low, the three are bound to reach some amazing milestones further down the road!

After months of waiting and some spectacular singles, the time has come: Against The Current’s album In Our Bones has finally been released! It’s barely been a day and we’re pretty sure that this is going to be one of the albums that’ll be on repeat.

The group has definitely evolved since Infinity, while still staying true to their roots. Through In Our Bones, the band tells stories of teenage defiance and falling in (and out) of love.

“Running With The Wild Things” starts the album off strong, upbeat with lyrics that make us want to change the world we live in and some serious drumming from Will Ferri and epic guitar parts form Daniel Gow. The last track in the album, “Demons” is a stark contrast with a softer approach.

Sandwiched between the two are songs with varying sounds yet tied together beautifully with some standouts. “Forget Me Now”, “Young and Restless” and “Runaway” give a nod to their poppier past, whereas with “Blood Like Gasoline” or “Chasing Ghosts” we wouldn’t have been surprised if either featured Lynn Gunn of PVRIS. Now that we think about it, we’d love to hear that collab!

“In Our Bones” was a surprisingly refreshing acoustic, blending their past with a hint of their newer sound, and “Roses” was a masterpiece in itself.

The verdict? In Our Bones is well-put together, showcases all three members’ limitless talent, and  both old and new fans will love it. Definitely a thumbs up from us.

You can grab In Our Bones on iTunes or stream it down below!


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Written by Kath Jiang

Western University grad, music lover, and pizza enthusiast from Toronto.

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