Dan and Phil Release Final TATINOF Trailers

The final trailers for Dan and Phil’s The Amazing Tour is not on Fire, produced by YouTube Red, were released today. There are separate trailers for the two feature-length shows that will come out on October 5th. Since the duo returned from their Australian tour, they have been working closely with editors to perfect the two shows and trailers.

The trailer released on Dan’s channel, danisnotonfire, is for the filmed version of The Amazing Tour is not on Fire, performed at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. TATINOF is a live stage show filled with audience interaction and countless anecdotes and references to Dan and Phil’s videos.

The trailer released on Phil’s channel, AmazingPhil, is for the behind-the-scenes documentary about TATINOF, also called “Dan and Phil’s Story of TATINOF”. This movie will cover everything involving the tour that happened offstage, from the writing and rehearsals of the show, to Dan and Phil’s time spent on the tour bus, to their pre-show rituals.

Dan and Phil also updated their social media layouts to the official artwork for each movie. With the familiar font, signature outfits, and the reappearance of lions and llamas, it’s very Dan and Phil.

Dan and Phil Release Final TATINOF Trailers 2

Dan and Phil Release Final TATINOF Trailers 3

Many fans think the release of the TATINOF films and their upcoming photo book, “Dan and Phil Go Outside”, could signify the end of an era for Dan and Phil. Don’t panic, they’re probably not leaving YouTube anytime soon! It may just be the perfect opportunity for them to rebrand themselves, or to try something new in terms of their content on YouTube.

Whatever Dan and Phil decide to do in the coming months, they definitely have the support of one of the largest, most supportive fanbases on the Internet. Many fans on Twitter were expressing their excitement for the trailers that were released today.


The TATINOF show and documentary are a part of YouTube Red’s latest batch of original shows and series. Many other creators also have exclusive content coming out soon on YouTube Red, including Shay Carl, Rhett & Link, and Vsauce.

Both of Dan and Phil’s YouTube Red Originals will be released in one week, on October 5th, at 7pm UK time. If YouTube Red is available in your country, the shows can be viewed after the purchase of YouTube Red, or after you sign up for the free one month trial. If YouTube Red is not out in your country, you can purchase the shows directly from YouTube, as you would for a movie.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.