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Dan Whiston on Dancing on Ice’s contestants, songs and more

It’s January, winter, the start of a new year, so that can only mean one thing- the return of ITV’s Dancing on Ice! We caught up with Associate Creative Director from the show, Dan Whiston, to talk all things skating!

How are you today?
I’m having a good day so far, very busy but I’ve gotten a lot of things done workwise…..however, I am SO behind on my Christmas shopping….which (pardon the pun) I really need to get my skates on for.  

What are you most looking forward to on this season of Dancing on Ice

Last year was my first year as Associate Creative Director, and it was an incredible experience but also a steep learning curve for me. So this season of Dancing on Ice, now I’m more settled into that role, I’m really looking forward to pushing myself to hopefully come up with even more daring and creatively innovative pieces. Also, last series we had some spectacular performances from our skating couples and the standard was really high, so I have high hopes for this years cast.  

Which contestants do you think we should keep our eyes peeled for? Any underdogs? 

It’s a bit too early to be able to gauge which skating stars are going to shine and which will struggle, as they are still learning their basic skating skills. Last years celebrities found their skating feet at different times, with some giving confident performances in the first couple of weeks before they plateaued. Other celebrities spent a while working on their basic skills and then almost overnight seemed to transform into confident and competent skaters. That’s what I love about Dancing on Ice, the ‘ones to watch’ changes from week to week.   

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What’s the most challenging part of being on Dancing on Ice

The show is first and foremost physically demanding on the celebrities because they have to put in a lot of training hours in order to perfect their basic skating skills. It also relies on the celebrities being brave and approaching the show with a ‘will try, can do’ attitude and be willing to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. Another big challenge is to bring showmanship to each performance, which is easier said than done when you are desperately trying not to fall over and also trying to remember all your moves…….it’s a big ask and I take my hat off to every skating star that takes on the challenge of competing on the show. 

 Is there a stand-out moment from the show which you’ll never forget? 

This question always stumps me because I’ve had so many stand-out moments over the years. Some of the most memorable moments are the series finals I was lucky enough to partner Gaynor Faye, Hayley Tamaddon and Beth Tweddle in. One of my most enjoyable moments from last series,  was choreographing a group routine with our fantastic pro’s, as I had the opportunity to do an aerial performance within that.    

What have you been up to since the last series of Dancing on Ice

Gosh, I’ve been doing so many different things over the past year. On a personal note, I’ve moved house, so have been a bit of a Bob The Builder renovating and decorating. I’ve also been continuing to build up my business projects alongside running Zumba classes in Blackpool. And in terms of Dancing on Ice, I’ve been working on ideas for the show and putting together choreography. Luckily I thrive on being busy and most importantly, consider myself lucky I have the opportunity to do the things I love doing. 

 What’s your favourite song to skate too? 

I like loads of different types of music but when I’m looking for a track to skate to, I want to find something dramatic or that tells a story. I think whether it’s a ballad, a rock track or a fun pop tune, if I feel emotionally connected to the song, then hopefully that shows and the audience feel drawn into the performance.

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We loved catching up with Dan Whiston! Make sure to tune in to the new series of Dancing On Ice on ITV on Sunday 5th January.

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