Dance Legend Hardwell Returns With Two New Singles ‘BROKEN MIRROR’ & ‘INTO THE UNKNOWN’

Dance legend Hardwell returned with two new tracks ‘BROKEN MIRROR’ and ‘INTO THE UNKNOWN.’ The prolificity of his art and versatility of his skills are two elements indicating that Hardwell is back, so make sure to get familiar with his one-of-a-kind form of art.

As the press release notes, the haunting delivery of ‘BROKEN MIRROR’ featuring a ticking clock and the sound of Hardwell’s voice is a cinematic nod to a darker sound. His monologue, accompanied by a dark metronome tempo and industrial chimes, gives ‘BROKEN MIRROR’ an eerie dystopian feel.

Building and swelling with intensity before reaching an apex, Hardwell unleashes a powerful statement that touches on his reflective mindset. “I know you have your opinion. But let’s be honest…Your opinion of me does not define who I am. Because I know what you want me to be. Now, I’m gonna show you who I truly am.”

In contrast to the spoken-word lead single, the counter release in this double-headed single drop is ‘INTO THE UNKNOWN’. The new track is a solid dance floor-orientated, searing techno release that brings in abrasive, ripping swathes of synth and oscillating melodic arpeggios. Fusing an otherworldly female vocal with ominous goosebump-inducing tension, Hardwell’s creation with ‘INTO THE UNKNOWN’ is a menacing addition to the stadium-techno genre.



Written by Magdalena

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