‘Dancing with the Stars’ Vegas Night Recap

It was an evening to remember in the ballroom as Dancing with the Stars held their first ever Vegas Night. Full of glitz, glimmer and all the luxuries Sin City has to offer, the remaining couples raised the stakes and delivered their best dances during week three of the competition. Find out which pairs hit the jackpot, while one cashed in and said their farewells.

Nick and Peta- Tango

The duo’s poker themed tango was the first to be critiqued. Len saw a little bit more content and improvement, noting Nick’s flexed knees. He said there was still arm trouble; however, it was much better than last week. Julianne thought Nick completely delivered and was in control of the floor. She felt as ease watching the former Bachelor. Bruno called the performance sheer determination, advising him to not stomp when tangoing and to work on his foot placement inn the feature. Carrie Ann really appreciated how it all came together and can’t wait to see him progress as the weeks go on.

Carrie Ann- 7, Len- 6, Julianne- 7, Bruno- 6 = 26/40

Mr T. and Kym- Foxtrot

This foxtrot routine suited Mr. T to an absolute T. Julianne thought it was beautiful, taking into account how much of a departure the dance was from what we know and have previously seen from the actor. Bruno thought he cleaned up very well and the style and feel of the number was glamorous and “all that jazz.” Carrie Ann advised Mr. T to keep using the audience to take him all the way, as they expressed more support for him than any other contestant. Len called him a “gentle giant.” The judge also pointed out that there was a great deal of charm and entertainment executed in this particular number.

Carrie Ann- 6, Len- 6, Julianne- 6, Bruno, 6 = 24/40

Bonner and Sharna- Charleston 

We are really rooting for Bonner and Sharna, and not just solely in the relationship department. Bruno thought their Charleston needed to be much sharper and that the two got off timing quite a few times. Carrie Ann agreed and applauded that although he didn’t do it that well, he didn’t give up. Len believed the dance needed more freedom in the movement. He did show appreciation for the fact Bonner came out and tried to sell the dance to his best ability. After all, being paralyzed at one time leaves him limited on just what movements he can do. Julianne said not every dance is going to be his best dance and believes he could have shown more character.

Carrie Ann- 6, Len- 6, Julianne- 6, Bruno- 6 = 24/40

Heather and Alan- Tango

Maks is continuing to get treatment for his injury, leaving Alan to fill in for the pro yet another week. The duo performed a routine inspired by Britney Spears’ residency. Carrie Ann thought it was amazing and so much improvement from the weeks prior. Len said Heather is a terrific dancer and the routine had plenty of dancing and holds. “You went all in, all the chips, all or nothing,” he exclaimed. Julianne expressed her love for the chemistry between Heather and Alan. Bruno saw all the variations and said that is the definition of dancing, thanking the pair for their contributions to the ballroom.

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 8, Julianne- 8, Bruno- 8 = 33/40

Charo and Keo- Foxtrot

This was the first time we saw a soft, delicate side of Charo that we did not even know existed. Len thought it was a lovely routine. It may have lacked a bit technique, but made up for it through fun and entertainment. Julianne loves the sweet side of Charo and thought it was cute and innocent. Bruno said Charo was like a born again virgin and when she applies herself, she executes a routine that just makes sense. Carrie Ann thought their dance was well balanced and would like to see more “Cuchi, Cuchi,” aka Charo’s sassiness.

Carrie Ann- 6, Len- 6, Julianne- 6, Bruno-6 = 24/40

Simone and Sasha- Quickstep

Simone and Sasha’s Elvis-inspired quickstep was full of so much life. Julianne said the footwork was precise and executed so beautifully. Bruno thought Simone is on the fast track to Vegas and called her such an exciting performer to watch every week. He would like to see more emphasis because he knows she can do anything when it comes to her movments and abilities. Carrie Ann loved the routine, but questioned why there was a lift. (Here we go). Len said the duo’s quickstep had speed, but plenty of control. It was fast, but not rushed. He thoroughly enjoyed it.

Carrie Ann- 7, Len- 8, Julianne- 9, Bruno-8 =  32/40

Nancy and Artem- Samba

After getting a few tips from Ricky Martin himself, the pair performed an energized samba. Bruno said he liked Nancy’s saucy side. She had the full range of proper samba steps, well placed and well executed. Carrie Ann enjoyed that Nancy did not sacrifice the style of the dance to put on a proper performance. Len called the routine the best dance of the season yet. Julianne said it was the best samba she’s seen on the show in a very long time. The praise from the judges had the pair in high spirits, especially Artem who was still on cloud nine from meeting Ricky and getting to shake his bon-bon with the Latin singer.

Carrie Ann- 8, Len- 9, Julianne- 8, Bruno 8 = 33/40

David and Lindsay- Jazz

Team “Lady and the Gramp” are back at it again, killing their performances and keeping us on our feet. After a Magic Mike inspired Jazz number, Carrie Ann thought it was about time that Magic Mike move over because here comes Super Dave. She thought Dave hit those moves with extra flavor. Len called it fun, entertaining and terrific. Julianne took note of the commitment it takes to do that routine. It wasn’t just humorous, but really good and full of both content and poise. Bruno agreed, adding that the dance was very well thought out.

Carrie Ann- 8, Len- 7, Julianne- 8, Bruno- 8 = 31/40

Erika and Gleb- Jive

Legs. For. Days. Erika. Jayne. Len thought there were lots of tricks and eye catching moves in her and Gleb’s jive routine, but would have liked to see more jive content. Although, he also did take into consideration how challenging the jive actually is. Julianne enjoys viewing a much more smiley side of Erika. Bruno felt the flicks needs to be in sync and sometimes, the two lost timing which threw off the entire routine. Carrie Ann admired her flexibility, but did not hesitate to a dock a point for a lift. (What else is new?)

Carrie Ann- 6, Len- 7, Julianne- 7, Bruno- 6 = 26/40

Rashad and Emma- Samba

Riding off of their top leaderboard position, Rashad and Emma weren’t as clean as they tend to be. Julianne loves that Rashad feels the music and groove, but thought the Jason Derulo song choice worked against him, making him behind the music. She didn’t believe it was his best dance. Bruno said he went on the wrong foot and lost the entire drive of the dance. Carrie Ann didn’t believe it was his “A-game” and would like to see him get more comfortable when it comes to the technical moves. Len thought it was a little flat-footed and feels Rashad needs to find his balance. However, he did think it was relaxed and the routine itself had a nice mood.

Carrie Ann- 7, Len- 7, Julianne- 7, Bruno- 7 = 28/40

Normani and Val- Foxtrot

We’re always saving the best for last on DWTS. Bruno thought Normani and Val walked with the grand prize in Vegas. Carrie Ann said Normani was power, money and was completely on it. However, she couldn’t ignore the lift considering she’s been a stickler with that lone role the entire evening. Len believes Normani has so much promise, but would have liked to see more holds throughout the number. Julianne expressed her love for the pair and felt it was a great way to end the night. She also called it more than simply a Foxtrot. She compared their dance to a performance someone goes to see on Broadway and commends Normani for owning the stage as much as she does.

Carrie Ann- 8, Len- 8, Julianne- 9, Bruno- 9 = 34/40

When it came down to the second round of eliminations, Charo and Keo and Nick and Peta found themselves in jeopardy. After the judges’ scores and nationwide vote from last week, we were forced to say goodbye to Charo and Keo.

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Written by Cayla Masters

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