Actor Daniel Radcliffe poses for a portrait in New York, Friday, July 10, 2009. (AP Photo/Charles Sykes) ... 10-07-2009 ... Photo by: Charles Sykes/AP/Press Association Images.URN:7558281

Daniel Radcliffe: Top 5 Fitness Mantra

Daniel Radcliffe, the young boy who stepped into the shoes of Harry Potter, has emerged to be every girl’s dream boy in the last decade. His fitness regime had started well before his onstage appearance in the play Equus. His physical exercises constitute a variety of workouts and a balanced diet. His body is an example of the perfect blend of workouts and diet and it has caused him to be the ideal for many youngsters. But now, we bring to you to secrets behind his perfect body. It is not easy to maintain a fitness schedule like his, but it is not very difficult either, if one has strong determination. Here are the secrets.


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Sit ups are ideal for abdominal muscle exercise. They help in strengthening the abdominal muscles and increase flow of bloods and enzymes. Also, this is one of the exercises to having a perfect 6-pack or 8-pack abs. It takes great strength and stamina to do sit-ups and thus burns lots of extra calories.


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Crunch is also a type of abdominal exercise. However, crunches are of various types. Each type focuses on different muscles of the body. It is better to undertake the one that suits you the most. Although, it may look similar to sit-ups the target area for both the exercises are different.


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Lifting weights is an important part of Radcliffe’s daily workout routine. Everyday, he lifts weights in order to maintain body balance and strengthen shoulder muscles. Weights, in the initial days, need to be lifted under guidance else it can be fatal to the muscles of the body.


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Working out in the gymnasium is a crucial part of maintaining one’s physical fitness. Radcliffe engages into gym workouts almost every day. Actors sometimes do not have time between their shooting schedules to go to the gym, which is why they can be spotted there at odd hours (even in the middle of the night!)


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A balanced diet with lots of fruits, raw vegetables, meat and dairy is needed to balance the calories burnt to the energy gained for carrying out physical exercises. It was rumoured that Radcliffe had given up his alcoholic addiction but recently he has gone back to it.


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