Danish Superstar Christopher Releases Latest Single ‘Irony’

A superstar in both Asia and his home country of Denmark, Christopher looks to replicate his huge profile in the UK with the launch of his new single ‘Irony’.

‘Irony’ finds Christopher discussing personal experiences which are universally relatable. The issues are common place: an inability to stop smoking, boosting self-confidence with social media likes, and smartphone addiction. It’s a battle between instinct and intelligent – the irony being that we know that we need to fix our bad habits, but all too often we veer away from making a change for the better.

“I wanted to write a personal song that’s totally raw and from the heart,” Christopher states in a press release. “I offer my perspective on every day issues that can have huge consequences for people in the long run. We portray a seemingly perfect life, but we often avoid talking about our struggles and insecurities. I think we’d all like to make changes for the better, but we surrender to things that we know are bad for us because we’re so driven by our immediate desires.”

Christopher’s first break came in 2011 when he posted an acoustic performance of Robyn’s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ to YouTube. The video unexpectedly went viral and set Christopher on a journey that has made him one of the biggest Danish pop musicians of all-time. He has amassed over 880 million streams worldwide, and all of his official releases (three albums and sixteen singles) have reached Gold or Platinum status.

His success is further confirmed with countless sold-out shows and multiple awards. In 2015 he was named Most Promising International Artist at The Chinese Music Awards and has now hit #1 on the Chinese QQ Music Chart with nine singles. He’s also recently enjoyed success with two chart hits in Singapore, and performed at the Seoul Jazz Festival – one of the largest music events in South Korea. In addition to this, he has also received four awards at the Danish Music Awards during his career.

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