Danny Dearden & The Holografik Release Empowering Single “Take On The World”

We have a brand new single release from Danny Dearden this week. Titled “Take On The World”, the track sees him team up with duo, The Holografik. Their voices work perfectly together and we currently have this song on repeat.

You may recognise Danny Dearden from his time as a contestant on the 11th series of The X Factor, where he managed to reach Mel B’s Judges’ Houses, before being eliminated. Since then he has been working hard and been building up his musical career. This awesome new single certainly shows how far he’s come and proves that he is destined to make an impact in music as a whole. The collaboration with The Holografik certainly confirms that. The duo consists of Fiktion & Zero, and they’ve written songs for many different artists.

This brand new track follows on from Danny Dearden’s “Sleeping With The Moon” single, that he released back in February 2018. An accompanying music video has been confirmed, although a release date has not yet been announced.

Listen To Danny Dearden & The Holografik’s “Take On The World” Here:

This is a track we certainly needed in our lives to help us keep going for what we want. Spreading confidence and encouragement, Danny Dearden shines like a beacon. He’s leading us all to be better people and to fully believe in ourselves and that is something that is lacking in a lot of other singer-songwriters.

Bringing motivation to the world, Danny Dearden stamps his way into the music industry, ready to literally do what the title of the song says, and take on the world. His vocals are on point and almost sensual making us truly believe every single word he is singing. Joining up with The Holografik for this song allows both artists to shine together and it certainly worked in every way.

“Take On The World” is available to download and stream now, through Upside Records.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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