Darrell Kelley – The Game-Changing Musical Artist Instills Timely Hope And Optimism With His New Single “Kamala”

Music is a universal language that has a long history as a form of art used in activism.

Art and artists have always expressed the significance of what is going on in the world at any particular moment. Whether you’re into politics or not, music deeply touches the hearts of many and communicates the essence of our time. Conveying the current sentiments about the First Female Black Vice President of the United States, Darrell Kelley’s new single, ‘Kamala’, musically encapsulates this moment in history. The song captures the mood of the country, expressing the nation’s collective optimism for social justice.

The soulful musician has produced many timely songs his fans love, including ‘The Coronavirus’, ‘Vote Him Out’, and ‘Black Lives Matter.’ Darrell adroitly addresses social injustices and political issues, conveying painful urgency conjoined with an impassioned plea of hope and peace. 

“Kamala” is a celebration, a powerful triumph for everyone, especially the Black community. The last four years have reminded America that racism still exists and Kamala Harris’s election marks a new beginning: an era of justice and positive change. The three and one-half minute song will attract a lot of attention, not just because of the lyrics and their relevance but also because of its rhythm and beat. 

Kelley is an Atlanta-based singer songwriter who blends together gospel, pop and R&B in his music compositions. A man of numerous talents,, he’s also an entrepreneur, author, spiritual leader and, of course, social activist. Darrell’s many gifts bring breadth and depth to his particular musical genius. 

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Written by CelebMix