Darude Has Dropped His Second Song For UMK “Superman” Featuring Sebastian Rejman For Finland’s Potential Eurovision 2019 Song With Comical Music Video

Darude is full of surprises, and he continues to impress with his production as he releases a brand new single and music video, which may go on to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. This second song is titled “Superman”, features Sebastian Rejman, and has a comical music video that continues the storyline. This release follows-up his previous track “Release Me” which also featured Sebastian Rejman.

Real name Ville Virtanen, Darude is one of the biggest Finnish DJs in the world. His instant hit, “Sandstorm” went viral and hit the charts hard internationally. He’s gone on to have a successful DJ career spanning two decades. He’s released a total of four studio albums, won three Finnish Grammy Awards, and has had his music included in movies, TV series’, games, and events such as the Euro 2000, The Olympics, and Wimbledon. We also interviewed him, just last year, about the release of his fourth studio album Moments.

This new song has been written by Chris Hope, Sebastian Rejman, Thom Bridges, and Ville Virtanen. As for the music video, that has been directed by Jaakko Manninen, which is the same music video director as the previous visual, “Release Me“.

Watch Darude’s Music Video To “Superman” Featuring Sebastian Rejman Here:

The song is apparently a fan-favourite, although “Release Me” seems to have a more emotional impact. Comparisons of the two songs are expected, and when Darude throws a third into the mix soon, then there will be no stopping fans deciding which one they think is best. This is an empowering song about how a person can make you feel like a hero when they are in your life. Sebastian Rejman’s vocals are on-point throughout this track, and it’s clear that he has really identified with the track as a whole, and his vocal delivery floods the song with meaning throughout.

The music video, once again, relates – the creative concepts for both visuals have been perfection. This time, though, Sebastian Rejman doesn’t appear, instead we have a full narrative that picks up where “Release Me” left off. We watch Darude video-calling his on-screen son, whilst using a filter that transforms him into Superman, or in this case Darude Man. Throughout his day, we watch him save a fan’s phone from smashing to the floor, saving a young girl’s skateboard from rolling away, and preventing a woman’s groceries from spilling across the car park, which leads to her taking him home to help with other housekeeping chores. The video is intercut, throughout, with scenes of a comic graphic of Darude in a Superman costume, flying.

“Superman” is available to download and stream, right now, through Armada Music. UMK is set to take place on 2 March 2019, where all three songs will be performed live for the public to decide. The third and final single release is expected to drop this Friday – we can’t wait to hear it.

What do you make of Darude’s UMK song and music video “Superman” featuring Sebastian Rejman? Could it win UMK and represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019? Let us know your thought on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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