David Beckham Teams Up With UNICEF for Child Abuse Campaign

David Beckham has moved many to tears in his latest video with UNICEF, highlighting different types of violence against children.

The sports star’s tattoos came to life in a new video as they were used to show the physical and psychological abuse that children can become scarred by.

Beckham’s heavily tattooed body became a stage for the violent scenes, displaying the horrors that children as young as one can go through.


The Unicef goodwill ambassador said he had been rocked by stories of violence that some children had experienced.

By being a part of this video and being involved with UNICEF, he is urging everyone to share the film on their social media.

Beckham stated that his tattoos represented important or happy moments that have happened in his life.

He chose to use them to highlight the fact that millions of children are scarred by both verbal and physical violence.


The scenes in the video show the horrific violence that can occur in places that should be safe for children, such as; their homes, online, schools and more.

Beckham, as a father of four himself, is committed to making the world a “safer place for children” and “to speak out on issues that are having a devastating impact on children’s lives.”

“One of those issues is violence.”

“Every five minutes, somewhere in the world, a child dies from violence.”

“Millions more are in danger of physical, emotional and sexual abuse that could destroy their childhoods forever.” he said.

If you’re interested in learning more or wanting to get involved, please visit UNICEF.

No child should feel like they’re alone or worthless.

Everyone should get a chance to grow up happy and be who they want to be without scars.

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Written by Laura

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