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David Hunter releases ‘Silver Linings’ EP

Singer and actor David Hunter has released his EP, Silver Linings.

Produced by Tim Prottey-Jones, the Silver Linings EP is made up of five tracks which have been carefully selected from a string of songs written by David over the course of eight years.

The first track, ‘Clowns’ was written in 2010 following the disbanding of David’s former group Reemer. Since then, in between starring in numerous theatre productions and West End shows, and bringing up his son Rufus with wife Tara, David has managed to craft some incredible tracks.

As quoted on his website, David said: “Silver Linings is the result of several years of writing. Whenever I was in between shows or not rocking a baby to sleep, I’d try and play out a few ideas. Almost a decade later, I’ve finally managed to record a few of them!”

The Silver Linings EP opens with the anthemic ‘Clowns’. Having been written following the disbanding of Reemer, a band vibe is very much present within the track. We adore the song from start to finish, however, the chorus is without doubt our personal highlight. It is completely captivating both lyrically and melodically, and is sure to be ingrained in your memory for a long time.

If you feel like having a bop, then ‘Fleeting Beat’ is the song for you. Encouraging us to think about our current situations and to move on from whatever we need to, ‘Fleeting Beat’ delivers a strong message over an infectious, uptempo beat. In contrast, ‘Waterfall’ is a stunning ballad which tugs at the heartstrings. The guitar-led offering allows David to enchant us with his distinctive vocals and incredible passion.

‘Sweet Sound’ also plays with our emotions as the harmonious track is dedicated to David’s wife Tara. In fact, he played the track for her on their wedding day as a promise, which is quite possibly one of the most precious gifts in the world. The EP’s final track, ‘A Thousand Red Balloons’, is dedicated to a hero of David’s called Howard, who is sadly no longer with us. The song is a rousing anthem and rounds off the EP in a perfect manner.

It’s painful to think that David, who currently stars as Charlie Price in Kinky Boots in London’s West End, has been sat on these gems for almost a decade. However, we’re delighted that they’ve finally been unveiled to the world and we hope we won’t have to wait as long for any future material.

Our personal favourite is the empowering ‘Clowns’, but the EP in its entirety is incredibly strong. David’s unique voice is bursting with passion and emotion throughout each song. It’s hard not to be completely mesmerised by his talent.

Whilst each song is different, the Silver Linings has been woven together magnificently as the tracks symbolise various times in David’s life over the past eight years.

Take a listen to Silver Linings below.

Silver Linings is available to download now.

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