Deadmau5 Is in the House

As Deadmau5 recently dropped the announcement of a one-off gig in London this coming November, we thought we’d take a look at what the unusual Canadian DJ has been up to recently….

Many know Deadmau5, or Joel Zimmerman, as the quirky Progressive House DJ who sports a large mouse headpiece whilst in the mix. However, while this is certainly a memorable feature of the 37-year-old creative’s set-up, it’s far from the most intriguing.

Flicking through Deadmau5’s YouTube channel gives a great insight into the man behind the mask (he says he wears the mask because he’s not naturally comfortable performing on stage in front of so many people). Uploads include his series Coffee Run, a selection of informal interviews-cum-chats with Zimmerman’s showbiz buddies drinking coffee in the car, and a range of cute cat videos featuring beloved pet cat Professor Meowingtons. There’s also something a little unusual: a backroom boffin type video entitled simply “i normally do this on sundays.” which gives an insight into the technical side of Deadmau5’s craft. Since it was originally posted back in Feb 2011 this interesting footage has received almost 3 million views!

Apart from all this, and getting married to fiancé Kelly Fedoni last November, Zimmerman is a great gambler. On one occasion whilst playing Blackjack he found himself down by nearly $100,000. Apparently unfazed, he continued to play and within half an hour had won it back again. He then went on to win an additional $50 000!

Rumour has it that the superstar DJ was bitten by the bug when he met the infamous Don Johnson after a gig and got talking about music and gambling. Don Johnson, if you haven’t come across the name before, is a pro gambler who beat the casinos. (Back in 2011 he won over $15 million from Atlantic Casinos!) As a marked man these days, Johnson is likely to be pleased by the changes in US sports betting law that will allow betting across the nation, rather than just in Las Vegas. New USA casinos online are also likely to be excited by the news and hoping for further changes to come in the future.

With such a full life it’s not surprising that Deadmau5 hasn’t performed in the UK too much recently. The gig this November will be at London’s Printworks and since the venue in Canada Water only holds 5000, the event is likely to prove very difficult to get tickets for. The few who can get tickets will form a privileged audience, while the rest of us will have to find consolation in videos of adorable Prof Meawingtons!

Written by digidog sigi