Could Deal Or No Deal Survive?

During the past decade or so we’ve seen the nature of reality television competitions shift. Where trivia and game shows once ruled the TV landscape, it’s now talent competitions that are running rampant on every channel. We recently recapped 10 of our favourite moments from Strictly Come Dancing this year, and posted an article about the latest winner of the U.S.-based singing competition The Voice. These shows appeal to millions of viewers around the world as contestants showcase professional-level talent in the hopes of taking home big prizes—and winning the hearts of audiences in the process.

But there’s still a lingering remnant of the TV era when game shows like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and The Weakest Link were more prolific and popular, and that’s probably Channel 4’s Deal Or No Deal. An article about the show and the various strategies that have done into winning the game hosted at explains that the popular game show first aired in Holland and has been screened in more than 80 countries around the world. The riveting suspense of the game helped it to achieve massive popularity in the U.S. and UK in particular. Sadly, after 16 years some have believed that the show is on its last legs in England, but it might not all be over for the series just yet.

The Daily Mail reported back in August that Channel 4 had axed Deal Or No Deal even as it prepared to turn host Noel Edmonds into one of the wealthiest television hosts in Britain. The story was that Edmonds was taking Deal Or No Deal on a bit of a farewell tour, broadcasting from important locations around the country, before starting work on several new programmes.

While the touring version of Deal Or No Deal was intended to be something of a finale for the 10-year run on Channel 4, it was hinted that the touring show could continue. Executive producer Richard Hague strongly indicated that because the touring show has gone so well that he and Edmonds might be keen to keep it going into 2017 in the hopes of securing a new deal for a sort of roving version of the popular game show.

That would be quite a turn of events for the countless fans who still enjoy watching contestants make their guesses on this terrific programme every week. After more than a decade on the air it’s looking as though Deal or No Deal might stick around for a little while longer and that’s great news for game show enthusiasts everywhere.

Written by CelebMix