Dean the Dream Makes A Bold Statement With Recent Album ‘Hitchin’ It To Heaven’

Brendan Alpiner a.k.a. Dean the Dream redefines the Psychedelic and Funk Rock scene with his new album Hitchin’ It To Heaven. The seven-track record includes the lead single “Goodbye, Danny,” which is written and composed by the avant-garde musician himself.

Dean the Dream intends to shed light on the inner workings and untold stories of the gay community, adopting an upright and straightforward approach, “The story of Hitchin’ It to Heaven is mostly my attempt to discuss the different sorts of lives, secrets and stories that live within the gay community. As we become more visible and gain more acceptance, it’s important to tell the stories—even the not-so-pleasant ones—to further gain understanding. Progress is important, but it’s not always easy.”

The Detroit-born poet who made a transition to music in 2016, transmits his delicate and expressive artistry onto his songs. He’s incredibly honest with himself and the public, unafraid to convey his viewpoint on drained arguments and taboo subjects, “I’ve always wanted my music to be for outsiders, especially those within the gay or queer community. If you look at music history, we have these artists who’ve flirted with their fluid sexualities and hinted at their otherness, but I want to be someone who fully accepts and embraces their gay sexuality, contradictions and all.”

The experimental artist fuses the ‘70s Psychedelic genre with Blues, Grunge, and Old School Rock & Roll music, coming up with a fresh new style that is particularly heard in “Goodbye, Danny.” Dean the Dream’s Hitchin’ It To Heaven, which is the follow-up to the 2021 9-track album Pink Sun, shows off a genuine and vulnerable side of the artist with songs like “Changes,” “It Hurts Me,” “Kiss Me Kill Me,” and “Dying Staying Alive.”

Influenced by Black Sabbath and Elvis Presley, Dean the Dream would like to collaborate with musicians who are fearless in their artistic choices like Orville Peck, Lana Del Rey, and Valerie June. In addition to recording a proper full-length studio album and touring around various cities, Alpiner dreams of reaching out to listeners with his music and voicing out the concerns and challenges of people who share the same experiences as him.

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Written by Magdalena

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