Demi Defines the Meaning of Confidence

Demi is set to release her brand new studio album, Confident  this upcoming Friday on October 16th. The inspirational singer dropped by the City studios in Downtown Toronto for an intimate Q&A session in front of a live audience consisting of some of her biggest fans and admirers.

We all know Demi is an extremely strong woman who has always been very open with her past struggles regarding mental health, and she seemed visibly moved when fans in the audience stood up to tell her how much she’s impacted their lives and helped them overcome similar struggles. “I was only hoping for the music side of things but now I get to touch people’s lives and it’s incredible,” The 23-year old star revealed to Adam Wylde of Entertainment City.



We’re so excited to hear Confident and we hope you are too! A million congrats to Demi and we hope she stays forever confident in herself and everything she does!

Written by CelebMix