Denise valle
Artist Credit : Kristina Zammit Endrich

Denise Valle dedicates an anthem to fellow over-thinkers in her new single, “Circles”

One single that should be on the top of your “must listen to” list at the moment is the new single “Circles” by Canadian pop artist Denise Valle. Following on from the releases of her previous singles “Repeat Affections” in 2019 and vocal heavy instrumental single, “Lesser Love” earlier in 2020; “Circles” sees Denise Valle dedicate a nearly four minute pop anthem to the fellow over-thinkers out there, you know, the ones who are accustomed to many sleepless nights overanalysing and comparing their daily interactions with others.

Speaking on the release of her brand new single, Denise explains that she essentially has been wanting to incorporate the latin language and culture into more of her releases and her upcoming EP was a good excuse to put that into practice.

The voice at the beginning of the song is actually Denise’s mother, expressing reassurance that everything will be alright. As Denise explains: “”Circles” details another day in which 3am has come and gone, the sun begins to rise.” The bridge’s uplifting tones represent the dawn in a soothing manner, while also featuring guest vocalists as songbirds, waking Denise into a new reality.

The slow burning vibe of Denise’s “Circles”, not only gives her enough time to showcase her over-arching vocal range, but also just enough for Denise to continually show off her smooth, gliding instrumentals to drive along the story she is trying to tell within.

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