Is Derek Hough suffering from another leg injury?

Is Derek Hough’s spot on Dancing with the Stars in danger once again?

In the last season on Dancing with the Stars, Derek was forced to sit out for the competition after falling down a flight of stairs after the rehearsal for the 10 year anniversary episode for the show. His flight had given him a broken toe on his right foot, and sprains on the inside as well as the outside of his left ankle. He might have taken the common saying “Break a leg” a little bit too seriously.

Derek 1

 (Derek posted this shortly after his injury on his Instagram)

After Tuesday’s episode of Dancing with the Stars, Derek has said that he felt “a little ping” in his ankle. That doesn’t sound too good! We don’t want the amazing dancer to sit out once again, especially because his dance partner is 17 year old Bindi Irwin.



(Derek and Bindi, dancing on Dancing with the Stars)

The two make such an outstanding team and it would be heartbreaking to see him go because his ankle is giving him trouble.


According to Derek all is well! He has explained that he was just walking when he felt that little ping in his ankle, “That’s good! That just means I’m going to go home and ice it. That’s it, I’m good otherwise,” Explained the 30 year old. Amazing! Maybe he was just a little out of practice, we can look forward to seeing him swing his long fantastic legs again soon!

Written by CelebMix