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Devin Hayes Releases New Song “Best Mistake”

Devin Hayes is an up and coming artist and at only age 19 has already been on the show Boy Band and has opened for pop artist, Jake Miller. Hayes got his start by making comedy skit videos back in the fourth grade. He then started to make Vine videos back in 2013 and then started to post YouTube videos in 2011. With over 189,000 followers on Instagram, Hayes is a rising pop star for sure.

Hayes just released his new song, “Best Mistake” and it might be the sexiest song of the summer. “Best Mistake” is about accidentally falling in love with a person that you might not have even known before that encounter. Hayes croons in the chorus singing “You’re the best mistake that I ever made.” Clearly Hayes was not planning to fall in love this occasion he was out and he found love, which is something we all want, right? Thank god that this song wasn’t a “mistake.”

The song was so hot that it instantly made it into “Breaking Pop” on Apple Music the same day it was released.

Make sure you listen and download “Best Mistake” out now.

Take a listen to the song below!

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Written by Will Heffernan