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Devin Hayes Releases Uplifting Song “If You Wanna Go’

Have you ever felt like you’re going nowhere in life? Maybe you’re not exactly where you want to be at a certain point of your life and feel hopeless? That’s a normal feeling and that’s what Devin Hayes sings about in his new uplifting song, “If You Wanna Go.”

“You hate your life, out of sight, feeling like you got nothing else to lose, you’re out of time, out of mind, feeling like you got nothing else to do,” Hayes sings in the opening verse. “If you wanna go and leave it all behind// If you wanna go and see all you can find and if you wanna live, together you and I,” Hayes sings saying don’t hold back, live your life and be spontaneous.

The whole message behind “If You Wanna Go” is not being afraid to take risks in life. If you’re unhappy about where you are then do something about it. Life is short to sit and be unhappy with how you’re living life, like Hayes sings, “leave it all behind” and be bold, be courageous in life and take that next step to where you’ll be happy again.

Take a listen to “If You Wanna Go” now!

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Written by Will Heffernan