Did Niall give the answers required?

I clearly do not have a habit of pointing and poking a stick on people’s writings or doings, but this particular person had pushed me to come out of my comfort zone through force.

So recently, this certain someone had written an article about how the 1D boys had separated from being “best mates” to “just associates” and how they “performed as four individuals”, and not as a “record breaking group with millions of fans”

My one question is, how are four people, supposed to entertain the whole sold-out stadiums, without singing on different placements of the stage? Do you think it would be possible for the boys to stand in one particular position together and reach out for every nook and corner? Of course not. So they uniformly divide themselves, throughout the stage to entertain every single one with their utmost pleasure, unity and possibility.

This someone thinks they themselves know how it’s like to sing in front of 60,000 fans average per day, when sincerely whoever it maybe, is just an ignorant, dense-minded person who goes on talking about proofless scenarios.

This certain someone also keeps on talking about how Niall is the “unofficial peace-maker” of the band. Hope that individual got the answers from the “peace-maker” himself.

I expect this fandom and the rest of the people out there understand that those writings are just predictions, which are completely fallacious, and should be only considered as just mere tween fiction.

I hope the boys have a wonderful and soothing holiday with no intrusions in their privacy.

And I expect us lots from the fandom to respect that, and keep themselves strong from believing invalid sources and stories and also, never leave the boys just yet, because the adventure we are going to have, is to be continued.

“This is not the last of One Direction”




Written by CelebMix