Directioners launch #WeAreMadeInTheAM campaign

Directioners have launched a new campaign in support of One Direction’s fifth studio album, and we’re excited about it!

#WeAreMadeInTheAM aims to give as many fans as possible the chance to own a copy of the boys’ new album through donations and gifting, with an aim to help the boys get to number one.

 “Directioners are more than just fans and One Direction is more than just a band. We are a family .While some fans can buy/preorder the album, others can’t. So we want to make sure as many fans that can’t afford the album, can have their very own copy.

“We will be gifting Made In The A.M. to as many people as we can.To make this possible we need your help. To get to the money we need to gift the album, we will be raising money by selling t-shirts and by raising money on our GoFundMe page. “

You can find out more about the campaign on their website. You go, gurls.

Written by CelebMix