Disciples return with a new single “All Mine”

The UK trio, Disciples, are back with a new single and this time, they have some help from Eyelar. “All Mine” follows the release of their first single “No Ties” which received a positive response from fans and DJs alike. The same shall be expected of their new track.

Known for their one-of-a-kind production skills, “All Mine” transforms the seemingly gloomy mood of the lyrics. Laced with Eyelar’s smooth vocals, this heartbreaking song makes a seamless transition to a dance track, appeasing listeners sonically and allowing them to savour a variety of emotions. 

With a range of shows and live sets under their belt, the trio is getting ready for a strong comeback. Disciples will be playing at a range of UK festivals, with one of their shows scheduled at Calvin Harris’ Ushuaia residency, where the trio will be seen playing alongside the renowned DJ.

Comprising of Nathan Vincent Duvall, Gavin Koolmon, and Luke McDermott, Disciples made their debut with “Remedy” in their 2013. While Remedy might have been their debut EP, Nathan and Gavin already had writing credits for artists like Little Mix.

As artists, their breakthrough moment came through their collaboration with Calvin Harris for “How Deep is Your Love”, a song which went on to be nominated for British Artist Video of the Year and British Single for 2016 Brit awards.

Disciples continue to amaze their fans with their authenticity and with millions of streams on notable platforms, the trio is making their impact felt, across genres and locations.

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Written by Ayushi

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