Discover: Aleisha McDonald’s Debut EP

As you have known, we’ve already featured singer/songwriter Aleisha McDonald here on CelebMix, and yes, we did mention her debut EP!

April 30th this year, Aleisha’s first EP Rhymes was released worldwide and has gained attention over the months. Though her EP was made available thru iTunes, Spotify and other streaming apps, physical copies were only available and sold on her webstore.

The Rhymes EP contains 4 original songs written by Aleisha herself. Here we list down the lovely tunes included in this must-have record.


The very first song on her record goes way back to her high school days.

“Memory” was first performed for a live audience in Aleisha’s school program called “Live at Norwest”. The program gave the Norwest Christian College students the chance to showcase their performing talents in front of a real audience and practice their skills for possible future careers.

Her performance was recorded and posted on her social media, and Aleisha’s growing fanbase loved the idea of her writing her own music and considered her to be a potential artist in the future.

The song’s melody and lyrics accompanied by Aleisha’s angelic vocal chords will give you a soothing feeling and will definitely put you on cloud 9.

“And make our memory light up in this place so everyone can see what the angles can create, beauty that we’ve made, forces that won’t brake, love that never fades away.”

Don’t Feel a Thing

Song #2 on the EP is a deffo must listen!

The intro gives off an amazing guitar riff and is followed by the whole song’s tune.

Lyrically, the song describes a relationship where the girl questions the boy’s intentions. It’s a love song that people can relate to and that’s what makes it interesting to all the fans.

“What do you want from me, I wasn’t made to bleed. Darling you dive so deep, but I don’t feel a thing.”


Technically, this song is considered the EP’s carrier single. However, since the EP was released as a whole, and the song wasn’t specifically released as a single, it didn’t come out how one carrier single should be.

Based on the streaming statistics of the EP, “Memory” has been streamed more than the rest of the songs on the record. Although, the other songs, including “Rhymes,” still gained equal attention as all of them are surprisingly amazing for a few first originals from a budding artist.

“You were all, all and more. I’ll never know a love so gold and pure. Let me fall, I would fall. To know you never loved me much at all, and does it make me wise if I’m still yours?”

Try My Love

The title basically says what the song is all about. It’s the typical story of girl meets boy, but with Aleisha’s incredible talent in songwriting, this version gives off a different perspective to the typical start of a love story.

Also, its the only song on the record that is more on the rocky side of acoustic. With the perfect combination of electric guitar riffs and mild drum beats, the song itself is such an interesting tune to listen to.

“And we’ll wait this through, the clock is ticking and its ten to two. Almost time to make a move, and when you do I’ll try my love on you.”

Very enticing lyric snippets, aye? Why don’t you go give the EP a listen if you haven’t yet!

Rhymes EP is available on iTunes, Google play and Bandcamp. Stream the EP on Spotify and Apple Music!

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Written by CelebMix