DISCOVER: Alternative Rock Band, Echo Texture, Releases "Rayon"

DISCOVER: Alternative Rock Band, Echo Texture, Releases “Rayon”

Echo Texture is an alternative rock indie band from Seattle, Washington consisting of Jalal Andre (vocals, guitar, keys), Julian Ledgerwood (drums, percussion), and Stuart Taylor (bass.)

The band started when the singer and songwriter of the band, Jalal, became inspired by the soulful sounds he heard as a kid in Brasil mixed with the punk and rock music he heard as a teenager living in California. Once he met Stuart and Julian, the unique sound of Echo Texture was born.

As soon as we heard Jalal’s voice on “Rayon” off of their latest album Inter-Sting, we were reminded of Davey Havok’s voice from the rock band AFI. That alone automatically caught our attention because it isn’t everyday that you discover such a distinct voice.

With lyrics like, “I know the reasons you will leave / But I wanted more / I know the secrets that you keep,” listeners can feel the passion that the band puts into their music. It’s one thing to perform, but another to be passionate about what your’re doing. Whenever we discover an artist/band who has that infatuation, they’re automatically a star in our eyes.

With their first full-length album, Inter-Sting, coming out soon, Echo Texture looks forward to tour the West Coast and gain an even bigger fan base than they already have so far.

If you love bands like My Bloody Valentine, AFI, and Radiohead, you may love Echo Texure!

1. Deluge
2. The Architect
3. Lie To Me
4. Rayon
5. Stolen
6. The Falling Ceiling
7. Electric
8. Swimming
9. Closer
10. As Loud As A Mustache Can Get
11. Trip Into Waves

Check out “Rayon” by Echo Texture below:

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Echo Texture

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