DISCOVER: Bronnie Has A Brand New EP Out Titled “Erase Me”

It’s almost been two weeks since our favourite punk-rock singer-songwriter dropped her third official EP, titled “Erase Me” and we’ve been loving it non-stop. Bronnie continues to make pop-rock waves in the music industry, proving she deserves to have a prominent place.

Bronnie, full name Bronnie Hughes, has been building up her career for the last couple of years. She released her debut EP, “Social Rejex“, in 2017 containing the 2016 single “High School Sucks“, which she followed up with her sophomore EP “Get A Grip” which contained the single “Danced With The Devil“, and now we have her awesome third EP “Erase Me”. Considering the other singles she’s dropped in the past, including “Modern Day Christmas”, and the awesome haunting track “Scared Much?“, as well as her EPs, Bronnie has outdone herself with this brilliant EP.

This EP contains the single “Strange Tattoo” which was released earlier this year. Much like her other EPs, there are just four tracks on “Erase Me”, all of which manage to showcase Bronnie’s exceptional vocals and rocking attitude. We love this EP, which was produced by Peter Gebbie, so much that we just had to do a track by track review as each song deserves its own spotlight.

Total Outcasts

Starting off with power, Bronnie takes inspiration from Weezer and Blink-182 for this track whilst keeping it modern as we head towards the 2020s. It’s clear that the touring and music experience has been good on her vocals as her voice is on point in every single way. The song is filled with passion as she sings the lyrics that she believes in. This is totally a song we can’t wait to hear live.

Strange Tattoo

Following on with the style, Bronnie brings it with this track and its one many of her fans, Brondogs, will recognise from her gigs. The song has a brilliant rock rhythm that is impossible to sit still to. “Strange Tattoo” is one of our favourites on the EP purely because it tells a story about Bronnie not getting enough of someone she’s interested in and waking up with a strange tattoo. The chorus’ final lyric reminds us of Blink-182’s “First Date”.

Erase Me

Time for the title track, which usually means it’s bound to be a stand-out on the EP, and it sure is! “Erase Me” is a rock ballad from Bronnie which we’ve been waiting for since the sweet “Imaginary Friend” from her debut EP – YAS Bronnie! It reminds us of Orianthi’s solo work, building excitement from the verses into the empowering chorus. The track exposes Bronnie’s vocals, there’s nowhere to hide, and her voice sure sounds stunning on this track in every way, and that may be due to the emotion she floods into every single word. These lyrics sure are heart-hitting as she asks an ex-lover to pretend that they never met and to “please erase me”.

Fake It!

The final track on the EP, “Fake It!” really ends this EP making every listener wanting more – we totally have this EP on repeat right now, it’s the only way to listen to it! This is another track Brondogs may recognise from her gigs because we will always remember the line, “She just faked it till she made it”. However, this song has certainly grown and become something much more than it was as Bronnie sounds completely awesome on this track showing her vocal prowess from start to finish. It’s another story track that takes us on a complete journey. This has been a fan-favourite at gigs so we’re all glad it’s finally made it on an EP.

Overall, if you’ve been missing your rocking-out days from the 00’s then this EP is for you – actually, all of Bronnie’s music is for you. She takes that rock era and spins it up into a 2018 popular sound that we all love, so much so that she continues to appear on the iTunes pre-orders as well as the iTunes rock charts. She’s definitely a rock star in the making, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Bronnie’s “Erase Me” EP is available to download and stream right now. It precedes her second headline tour, titled “Geeks & Freaks”, which will see her perform in Glasgow, Manchester, London, Newcastle, and Birmingham in January. Make sure you don’t miss out on tickets by buying them now!

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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