Track-By-Track EP Review: Bronnie – Get A Grip EP

We’re so excited to see that Bronnie has dropped her second official EP, titled “Get A Grip”. It was released on Tuesday 27 March 2018 and contains four tracks which are “Get A Grip”, “So What”, “Danced With The Devil”, and “Runaway”.

Two of the tracks we have previously heard before the release of this EP. “Danced With The Devil” was the official charity single released from Bronnie, which also got a brilliant music video to accompany it. It was dropped back in December and all profits from the single were donated to Buddy Project, which she became an ambassador for. The other track, “Get A Grip“, was released as a Spotify only release for her fans, and was also given a music video, which was premiered by Alternative Press, just last week.

In extra promotion of the EP, Bronnie did an EP launch gig in Birmingham where they sold almost all the tickets. The gig was supported by The Verse, LUNAFALL, and Offshore.

We love the EP artwork of “Get A Grip”, which we believe Bronnie created herself. The four tracks are more of a punk-rock style than her previous EP “Social Rejex” which felt more like pop-rock. This makes them different and shows how much Bronnie is growing as an artist. Here’s our track-by-track review.

Get A Grip

This undeniably catchy song will have you shouting the lyrics out loud. It has a bedroom, full volume feel to the song. The lyrics are personal and strong, with Bronnie showing off her great rock vocals. As a songwriter, she impresses with the content of the words she’s singing. What a way to start off this EP.

So What

“So What” is a fan-favourite at her gigs. It’s hard not to like this, it has a very catchy chorus that really allows Bronnie to shine throughout. It’s one of those songs that many people relate to as one lyric stands out: “Everybody makes mistakes” – which is so very true. This is one of those tracks that stay in your head even when you’ve finished listening to the EP.

Danced With The Devil

This track was the official first single from the EP, and it’s an amazing track. Bronnie really delves deep for the lyrics of this song, giving us gorgeous emotional words that truly hits us right in the heart. It’s one of her most emotional songs and it’s great that it was released as a charity single, with all the profits going to the Buddy Project. The backing track relates perfectly with the lyrical content, and Bronnie’s vocals are on-point from the very first second.


Unheard track “Runaway” ends this EP, which resonates deeply with us as we all just want to run away sometimes. It’s the perfect track to finish up this EP with as Bronnie brings great rock sounds, an addictive vocal, and a rock-out anthem. The song reminds us of the early days of Busted. Bronnie’s vocals shine throughout, but the ending lyrics really allows for her to hit home with this track.

Overall, this EP really shows how far Bronnie has come from her “Social Rejex EP“. We love them both so much, but this one really is a brilliant collection of tracks, allowing her to establish herself as a rock artist, one we all should be aware of. The high quality of the lyrical content proves that she’s a brilliant songwriter and her vocals truly push the emotion out to all the listeners.

“Get A Grip” EP is available to download and stream right now. We truly believe you’ll love this EP as much as we do.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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