DISCOVER: Brooklyn Is Back Under New Name BRKE With Song And Music Video “Control Me”

After a short break, Brooklyn has returned to the music world with an absolute killer of a song and a flat-out addicting music video. She is now known as BRKE and released this brand new song and video last week on GRM Daily official YouTube Channel. “Control Me” is her debut track under this name, although overall it follows “Cupid” and “Hold Up”.

You may recognise her for her time on The Voice UK series four. She was sent home during the knock-outs which was an absolute tragedy in our opinion; regardless, she continues to make music and we totally adore what she has released so far. BRKE shows a brand new direction for her and we are living for it!

“Control Me” was released last week through Mad Moves Records. The music video was released on GRM Daily, which is also the YouTube Channel that has popular music videos such as Ramz’s “Barking”, Not3s’ “Aladdin”, and B Young’s “Jumanji”. The video itself was directed by Next Of Kin.

Watch BRKE’s Music Video For Her Song “Control Me” Here:

The music video opens up with a short narrative introduction that sees BRKE and her on-screen lover at a restaurant in Walworth Road, London at 6:42 pm; they are both wearing Trapstar branded clothing. They’re waiting for a guy to turn up. BRKE jokes that her lover is boring, but then states that she’s boring too whilst also taking the money he placed on the table. The guy they’re waiting for arrives and passes over a backpack. This is when the music kicks in.

BRKE stuns us with performance feels throughout her scenes as she sings her song. She gives the right amount of class, style, and energy to really send the song through to the viewers. In most of the scenes, she’s hanging out with her girls, drinking Ciroc, and having a good time. Vocal-wise, BRKE impresses once again flooding the song with emotion. Every single word of this song is felt by every listener and she proves that she deserves a place within the music industry.

The narrative scenes continue by intercutting the performance piece. We see her on-screen lover give her gifts and give her money – they do have a lot of cash. Towards the end of the music video, in Stratford, London at 10:08 pm – whilst BRKE is in Basildon, Essex – her on-screen lover is caught, and BRKE smirks to the camera as if she played him all along.

It all ends with “To Be Continued…” suggesting that there is more of the story to come; which surely means that more BRKE music is to be released in the near-future – now that’s something we like to hear.

Stream BRKE’s New Single “Control Me” Here:

“Control Me” is available to download and stream right now, through Mad Moves Records. Alongside the original version, a soulful version of the song was released too. This is typical of Brooklyn, who released three versions of “Cupid” back when she was using her previous name to release music.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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