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DISCOVER: Canadian Singer-Songwriter benny mayne

Hello, and welcome back to another round of “Discover your favorite new artist”, the series on CelebMix that shines a light on your soon-to-be musical obsessions. In today’s issue, we would like to get you acquainted with one of our favorite up-and-coming singer-songwriters at the moment and his latest release.

The person in question is called benny mayne and yes, all letters are lower-caps on purpose, in case you are wondering. benny mayne is actually a fairly new artist to the whole industry. While the Toronto-based singer-songwriter has been making music for a while now, he only recently got signed to Paradigm Agency, the talent agency who also signed greats like Axwell Ingresso and Ed Sheeran to their roster.

Well, is his music that good, you might wonder now. And what does it sound like if he got signed to such a big company? Well, to be quite fair, his music sounds like a lot of things and yet like nothing we have heard before. Combine the chill vibes you know and love from Blackbear with the soulful beats from Kaytranada, mix it up, stir some smooth R&B elements into it and you are close to discovering the wonderful cocktail that is benny mayne’s music.

Yes, it is that good. Trust us on this one. Just listen to his first release, which debuted back in January. The track is called “bounce” and is an ode to all the women benny loved, according to the artist himself. Further speaking about the song, benny also mentioned that it needed to be put out because there are just not enough songs that celebrate boobs and butts.

The track is, despite the message you might get from reading the lyrics, in reality very cute and bubbly. The understated, trippy production works well with benny’s prominent voice and creates a chill atmosphere. The perfect introduction to his work, to be honest.

Being the smooth and silky R&B song that it is, the track quickly climbed up the SoundCloud charts and ended up giving him top placements in the R&B segments in his native country, in Australia, in the US as well as the UK.

400,000 spins on streaming services later and he followed up with his second track, “lucky”, on Valentine’s Day. The synthy track was created much in the vein of its predecessor but was not kept quite as understated. The bass lines are heavier and the synth is more prominent. The song is still as great as the one before, though.


And today, the Canadian artist debuted a brand new track titled “basic btch”. The song is slightly groovier than his previous releases, starting off with a chilled guitar riff and then slowly molding benny’s signature trappy beats into the mix. The lyrics are obviously very explicit and show him dealing with the fallout of a relationship after his girlfriend cheated on him. “basic btch” is, due to its sad lyrical nature, probably the most chilled track of his. The production is not as intricate and experimental as in songs before but, for the most part, simply focuses on the guitar and a few glitchy beats. benny mayne’s voice is obviously the key instrument in this release.

Listen to it down below:


So are you enjoying what you got to listen to? Then get excited for more! During the last couple of weeks, benny mayne has been busy in the studio and is currently finishing up some more exciting music.

If you want to, you can keep up with the artist right here:





Whatever you do, we will keep you updated. Right here on CelebMix. After all, 2018 definitely looks like a great year for benny and we at CelebMix are ready for what is to come.

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