DISCOVER: Dinah Jane’s Debut EP Is An R&B Masterpiece And Her New Music Video For “Heard It All Before” Is Fire

This week saw Dinah Jane release her debut EP, titled Dinah Jane 1, which consists of three tracks “Heard It All Before”, “Pass Me By”, and “Fix It”. She also, this week, dropped a brand new music video for the first track from the EP, “Heard It All Before”. This is totally a must-listen and a must-watch and a must-have-on-repeat.

Dinah Jane Hansen has been building up her music career ever since Fifth Harmony parted ways. We are currently living for each of the girls’ solo careers as they delve into different genres and directions, with Dinah Jane heading into a fierce R&B vibe, proving that there is still a market for this genre in pop music. She first collaborated with RedOne, Daddy Yankee, and French Montana on their reinvention of Moby’s classic track “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)”, which they titled as “Boom Boom”; then, she released her debut solo single which featured Marc E. Bassy and Ty Dolla $ign, titled “Bottled Up”. About a month ago, after she performed a track titled “Retrograde” at iHeartRadio Jingle Bell Ball, she released a music video on her YouTube channel, promising to release the track to streaming services at a later date. Instead, we’ve received three new songs, “Heard It All Before”, “Pass Me By”, and “Fix It”, and it excites us to know that Dinah Jane has more music up her sleeve for us – although we’re still waiting for the “Retrograde” release.

Dinah Jane 1 – EP

In true CelebMix style, we plan to talk about each of the tracks on the EP, as each one deserves the spotlight as Dinah Jane is an incredible artist and she has proven that with the release of these three songs. The EP is certainly one we will have on repeat for days on end, and is a taster of more music to come.

Heard It All Before

The lyrics were written by Dinah Jane, Frank Brim, Jonathan Rotem, and Micah Powell, and the song was produced by J.R. Rotem.

This is one solid track from the ex-Fifth Harmony member. Dinah Jane’s vocals are on point from start to finish, giving us early JoJo vibes with a fresh 2019 spin, which reminds us of JoJo’s re-recordings of her first two albums. It’s smooth and certainly has a throwback feel to it. She really embodies the lyrics and floods the track with meaning as says goodbye to her ex once and for all because she’s done with her ex’s lies, apologies, and words.

Pass Me By

The lyrics were written by Jocelyn Donald, Melvin Hough II, and Rivelino R. Wouter, whilst Mel and Mus handled the production of the track.

Bringing a bit of soul-infused R&B to this EP, Dinah Jane shows that she can slow it down and add a bit of hearty passion into the mix. Her vocals are deep and full of strength, trickling out her emotions on this gentle track for her fans to listen to. We easily see the image the lyrics paint through Dinah Jane’s effortless vocal ability, it’s clear she likes someone and is interested in where it will lead to, but it’s not a overpowering track, leading us to believe there’s a timidness, a shyness, and a quiet confidence in this awesome singer-songwriter. This is one track many will relate to.

Fix It

This track has been written by Dinah Jane, Hayley Gene, and Theron Otis Feemster, whilst it was produced by Neff-U.

Kicking the intro off is a piano and finger-clicks, intriguing the audience in from the get-go. Once again, Dinah Jane impresses with her vocals, but she sure dug deep for these lyrics since the track is highly personal to her, talking about her home life and deciding to stand up for herself, deciding to fix it. We admire her lyricalism, her talent, and her ability to be confident and sassy. Dinah Jane is ready to take on the world with her music, and we sure are ready to listen to it.

Heard It All Before Music Video

Alongside the release of the EP, Dinah Jane also dropped a music video for the first track, “Heard It All Before”. This music video is fire from start to beginning, with a brilliant concept and an undeniable strength. Her choreography is on point, from start to finish. The visual opens with a clip of her girls watching a scary movie before a mobile phone starts to ring, the girls scramble to find out whose phone is ringing and when they see who’s dialling they decide to answer the call and state: “She don’t want you no more. Period.” The video continues as the girls have a slumber party, with Dinah Jane performing the song and knocking out killer choreography.

Watch Dinah Jane’s Music Video To “Heard It All Before” Here:

“Heard It All Before”, “Pass Me By”, and “Fix It” are all a part of Dinah Jane’s debut EP Dinah Jane 1, which is available to stream and download now, via HITCO.

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