DISCOVER: Mandinga Has Released A Brand New Single And Music Video “Arquitectura”

Last week, Mandinga dropped a brand new single and music video through Cat Music. This week saw them release a teaser clip of the music video on their own official YouTube Channel and confirm that a salsa version is coming; we simply adore the song – yet again, this group certainly is on form as of late. “Arquitectura” is the title of the song and follows up their previous single “Besame“.

Mandinga are probably best known for representing their home country of Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, with the song “Zaleilah”, where they came 12th with 71 points. Back then, the female vocalist was Elena Ionescu, and previously – back when Mandinga was a pure Latin band – Elena Gheorghe was the female vocalist. Now, Barbara Isasi has taken over and the group have taken on a Spanish salsa-flamenco-pop vibe which we completely love. Their latest tracks have been some of their best songs to date.

Their new single, “Arquitectura”, was lyrically written by Theea Miculescu, Niño (Alexander Himely), and Babara Isasi; whilst the music was created by Theea Miculescu and Alex Antonescu (Zagga). The song is Spanish, and translates into English as “Architecture”. As for the music video itself, it was directed by Alex Volintiru.

Watch The Music Video For Mandinga’s “Arquitectura” Here:

The music video opens with a bit of narrative as Babara Isasi and Niño queue up to enter a club. As they get to the front of the line, another woman is snapped by the cameras and walk inside. It seems Barbara Isasi isn’t impressed and there’s a look of evils passed between the two women. As the music jumps in, we leave behind the black and white scenes and start watching in full colour.

Barbara Isasi is a stunning singer both visually and vocally. She nails the song in every single way, adding delicious vocal twists that we can’t get enough of, whilst bringing the emotion of the song to every listener. Her flawless dance moves allow her to prove her ability to follow and nail choreography in every way. She captures the attention of the camera and does not let it focus on anyone else.

As Niño’s vocals jump in, we watch him in an elevator shaft, as he draws close to the other woman. Other scenes see him with Barbara Isasi, is this just too much of a torment? Could he be considering to cheat? After some more dancing, and Barbara Isasi fully giving us party vibes, we return to the queue outside and their names can’t be found on the guest list. They decide not to enter the club.

Stream Mandinga’s New Single “Arquitectura” Here:

“Arquitectura” is available to download and stream now, through Cat Music. We expect the salsa version will follow very soon, and if we base it off their salsa cover versions of Adele’s “Hello“, Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore“, and Becky G & Bad Bunny’s “Mayores“, it is bound to be epic.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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