DISCOVER: Manuel Riva’s Music Video For “Miami” Featuring Alexandra Stan

We were hoping a music video for this epic song would be released and here it is – although it’s nothing liked we hoped, it’s not even in Miami for starters. “Miami” by Manuel Riva featuring Alexandra Stan was released on 6 March 2018. We urge you not to confuse the song with Alexandra Stan’s latest track “Mami”, which is still not available to download or stream yet.

The song is an addicting track; one we haven’t been able to stop listening to. Alexandra Stan is fully embedding herself in Romanian dance music, especially with all her collaborations with DJs lately. We can’t wait to see what she does next. Whereas Manuel Riva continues to stay strong within the industry.

The music video, unfortunately, doesn’t quite meet our expectations. It wasn’t filmed in Miami, it was filmed in a desert-like place, and the dancers are moving slowly as if they’re in a trance-like state, in line with the gentle lyrics rather than the upbeat track.

The visual was an NGM Creative video production that was directed by Bogdan Paun while Alexandru Muresan acted as Director of Photography. In the clip we see Alexandra Stan performing to the camera dressed in a gold robe amongst other beautiful outfits. She looks stunning, as always, and has clearly connected with the song as she effortlessly releases emotions through the camera to the viewers at home.

We’re unsure of what the four characters are up to in the narrative. Clearly, they’re spreading their love for each other and for what they call home. They seem to be puppets to a masked man, who we presume is Manuel Riva; and, in one of the final scenes, they are flag bearers.

Watch Manuel Riva’s “Miami” Music Video Featuring Alexandra Stan Below:

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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