DISCOVER: Peyton List Releases Second Single & Music Video “Dance ‘Til We Die”

Peyton List continues to make waves in the music industry as she drops her second single and music video, titled “Dance ‘Til We Die”. The song follows up her debut single “Liar Liar“.

Perhaps best known for starring in Disney Channel TV shows Jessie and Bunk’d, Peyton List has been focusing on her music to define a new path, becoming one of the upcoming ex-Disney stars of tomorrow. Many of the top female artists in the world have started out on Disney, and so her future sure is bright. We even named her as one of our Top Debut Artists Of 2018, since her debut single “Liar Liar” was released just last year. With this follow-up, Peyton List has started to create an exciting music career for herself, and we sure are excited to see where it will take her.

This new song, “Dance ‘Til We Die”, is taken from the movie Anthem Of A Teenage Prophet in which Peyton List stars. The film has had a limited release in the US on 11 January 2019 and we believe the music video contains clips of the film, creating a story centred around Peyton List specifically for the visual.

Watch Peyton List’s Music Video For “Dance ‘Til We Die” Here:

She sure knows how to bring it when it comes to this song, showcasing her vocals all the while drawing us in with this visual. This is certainly something we could listen to and watch on repeat; and, it certainly interests us into the film, exciting us for the day we get the chance to see it.

Interspersed throughout the video is clips of her performing the song in a studio booth. This is where she gets to shine and fully get the song across to the viewers at home, and although she is lacking in performance – since studio scenes are usually laid-back and soft – she makes up for it in vocal delivery.

This is one of those easy songs that gets stuck in your head all day. “Dance ‘Til We Die” is now available to download and stream, via Dirty Canvas Music.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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